John Joseph


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Artists Statement



My focus is primarily on painting people and starts from the relationships and understandings I have of people that I paint. My focus is on painting people, and the sittings as context are part of the process. I am trying to expand the work and question my practise and why I feel I need to paint people from life and in the context of a 4+ hour sitting. I am looking at advertising/reproduction, 'pop art' as a historical and also contemporary starting point and also looking at theoretical ideas to do with how humans process information and why we relate or prefer images that are recognisable and easy to understand. I am planning to explore screen printing as a development process for my paintings and see how far I can push certain boundaries of what an image is, is an image only something recognisable or can an image be pushed so far it no longer is an image? The main materials I am using and looking to use is oil paint on canvas, screen printing, etching (other forms of printing).